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Conflict and You

Conflict and You – The Basics of Compassionate Accountability™ is a 3-hour course that provides participants with a framework for transforming the negative energy of drama, confrontation and conflict into meaningful collaboration. Participants get to understand the role they play in drama and negative conflict and learn how to shift these behaviours into healthier and more effective interactions with colleagues, students, parents, carers and other stakeholders. 


The foundation for the course is Next Element’s ‘Leading Out of Drama’ (LOD™) model which uses Dr. Stephen Karpman’s world renowned drama triangle as a basis to understand and change the behavioural dynamics that people play in drama and conflict.

This 3-hour seminar will deliver the following learning outcomes:

  • How to build trust and accountability

  • How to address unacceptable behaviours

  • Manage conflict compassionately

  • The dynamics of behavioural drama

  • How to reduce negative conflict

  • How to have productive high stakes conversations

  • Manage difficult situations

  • Provide support in vulnerable/risk situations

Course Duration: 4 hours

Course Fee: 

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