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The Process Communication Model®

The Process Communication Model®

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The Process Communication Model®

What you didn’t learn at school

Most of us negotiate our way through life by trying to influence, motivate and communicate in the best way we know—in a haphazard and often inept manner. Then we’re left wondering what went wrong. That’s because these fundamental success skills simply aren’t taught anywhere in our education system. 


Furthermore, are you working to your natural strengths and pursuing a sense of personal alignment in life? Do you understand your default distress pattern of behaviour (such as attacking others, blaming others or playing the victim role) which we can get drawn into many times a day? Do you know how to avoid getting stuck in these unproductive distress patterns of behaviour? 


Apparently we are expected to master these crucial life skills through a life-long learning process known as trial and error. At Wayne Pearce Academy, we think this is a vastly inefficient and high risk method of learning, so we've searched around the world looking for the best tool that can teach us the important life skills that we didn't learn at school...and we found it! 

The Process Communication Model®

A far superior way of learning to communicate, influence, and motivate yourself and others is by using the Process Communication Model®, or PCM for short.

PCM is a pioneering tool that empowers you to understand what motivates you and others in a most effective way, making the art of communication and influence free flowing, natural and authentic. 


Based on an award-winning clinical discovery by Dr Taibi Kahler, PCM is the only reliable, fully researched and validated method of identifying and understanding personalities and their associated predictable communication dynamics. 

Testimony to PCM

Dr Kahler’s findings have the potential to transform the way that people in business and society work to achieve their best possible outcomes. As far back as 1978, senior officials at NASA took advantage of PCM to select, place and train their astronauts.


In 1996, Dr Kahler, who had been Bill Clinton’s communication consultant for years, was hired by the Democrats in the Clinton/Gore election campaign. After the election, Bill Clinton credited PCM for helping the Democrats reach generally untargeted population groups in political speeches.

What PCM will teach you

When you learn PCM it helps you to: 

  • better understand yourself, your core motivators and your distress patterns of behaviour

  • deal with stress productively and effectively

  • observe and decode what others say

  • predict and identify the onset of disruptive behaviour

  • be an effective, dynamic leader

  • motivate yourself and others

  • detect and correct miscommunication before problems arise

  • discover why conflicts escalate

  • defuse difficult situations quickly

  • invite others to communicate and behave positively

  • improve the quality of interpersonal relationships.


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