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Having been a proud public school graduate (Nicholson St primary and Leichhardt high) with a passion for quality education for all, Wayne funded a trial PCM program for teachers in the public school system. He ran a pilot program in Airds High School in Western Sydney in 2014 and it was a huge success. As the principal, Steve McGuire, who participated in the program said “All staff at Airds High School trained in PCM by Wayne Pearce use what they have learnt every day when dealing with others. It is an incredibly valuable skill set for teachers”.

The teachers who completed this program have become strong advocates for PCM and by spreading the word, there have far been in excess of 200 teachers in over a dozen schools who have completed the PCM program.

Martin is a first class honours graduate in engineering and received the LH Baker Medal at the University of Technology Sydney. He also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute for Company Directors. Whilst being a seasoned business executive and leader, Martin has also taught engineering and business at University and is experienced in the design of Vocational Educational Training, Workforce and Industry Development programs.

In 2016, Wayne and Martin began co-facilitating PCM seminars together and during these seminars, their discussions would often centre on the lack of course materials to help teachers and managers address the high levels of disengagement of students in schools and employees in the workplace. Through their understanding of PCM, the upskilling of teachers and managers could play a major role in solving these problems. In Education and through the encouragement of several senior executives in the NSW Department of Education who experiences the value of PCM in Education, the Wayne Pearce Academy was established in January 2018.

The Wayne Pearce Academy is a collaboration between Martin and Wayne to create a prestigious learning Academy to assist educators and business leaders to achieve their personal best, develop their interpersonal skills and to learn how to manage their own mindset and maximise engagement. The Academy prides itself on being able to provide ‘cutting edge’ tools, skill sets and coaching programs to assist organisations to become more successful and individuals to become more fulfilled.

As an experienced facilitator running peak performance programs in a variety of industry sectors since 2001, Wayne Pearce is constantly studying and evaluating courses and programs to best service his clients.

In 2010, he was introduced to the Process Communication Model® (PCM), which in his own words was “the most valuable skill set I’ve ever learned”. He subsequently spent the next 9 months studying to become an internationally accredited PCM trainer.

Wayne met Martin Camp in 2006 when he was working as an Executive at an ASX 200 organisation and he facilitated a series of seminars for Martin’s executive team leaders. Soon after, Wayne introduced Martin to PCM and that inevitably led to Martin gaining PCM trainer accreditation. Martin subsequently left the organisation to pursue a career as a highly successful business consultant assisting businesses to transform and to improve productivity, employee and customer engagement.

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