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PCM1 Engaging & Motivating Students - Know How to Reach Them

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PCM2 Advanced Motivation and Engagement Skills

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Conflict and You

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Team Ignition

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At Wayne Pearce Academy we craft a range of courses aimed to bring out the high-performance professional best in people.

Here is a selection of the current courses we offer.

PCM1 Engaging and Motivating Students - Know How to Reach Them

In our modern, fast-paced educational world, there are many factors to consider that affect student performance. But when it comes to getting the best student outcomes, two important factors separate those teachers who get the results and those who don’t:

a) the ability to communicate and influence all types of students
b) the ability for both the student and the teacher to maintain an “OK” mindset and focus on the mission-critical tasks.

So, how do we learn these skills?

PCM2 Advanced Motivation and Engagement Skills


PCM 2 Advanced Motivation and Engagement Skills is a 3-day seminar that enables participants to learn more about human behaviour, relational dynamics and further develop the Process Communication Model® skills. It takes the skills learnt during the Engaging and Motivating Students seminar to the next level. Read more...

Conflict and You

The course teaches participants compassionate accountability skills and provides the processes to positively manage 'high stakes' conversations, relational based conflicts and to build trust and accountability. Read more...

Team Ignition

The course teaches participants how to build collective efficacy.


Collective values, beliefs, trust and teamwork amongst the school executive and school staff are widely acknowledged as having the most influence on lifting student engagement, learning, wellbeing and achievement, and overall school performance. Read more...

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