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PCM2 Advanced Motivation and Engagement Skills

PCM 2 Advanced Motivation and Engagement Skills is designed to enable participants to learn more about human behaviour, relational dynamics and further develop the Process Communication Model® skills.


PCM2 takes the skills learnt during the Engaging and Motivating Students seminar to the next level.


This advanced level seminar is focussed on understanding how the ‘more’ problematic teacher-student relationships can be managed, what the underlying causes are likely to be, how to find the best solutions and how to manage conflict constructively. 


This highly interactive seminar provides participants with the opportunity to put into practice motivational techniques and learn how to feed psychological needs in a positive way to maximise student engagement, wellbeing, self-efficacy and learning outcomes. 

This 3-day seminar has many valuable professional development outcomes for participants including:

  • An advanced level of understanding of how to identify and manage underlying issues associated with disengaged and non-productive student behaviours

  • An increased skill set to motivate and support students to build self-efficacy

  • Learning the types and stages of distress that lead to conflict

  • New insights into your own personality

  • How to apply the skills developed to assess the personality structure of students and others

  • How to resolve conflict and address negative and non-productive behaviours

  • Further develop communication skills

Course Duration: 3 Days

Course Fee: 

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